The reason behind our sustainable and reliable logistic supply services

What made Interfreight Logistics one of the best logistic supply companies? In logistic supply, many factors can either boost productivity or affect it badly. We analyze, implement and follow the best strategies in the market for developing our logistic supply. Our motto is ensuring the best quality service to our clients.

Our team is one of the most intelligent and efficient, they can fulfill our client’s various needs. Logistic Supply doesn’t only mean receiving and transporting the goods, but rather completing a full logistic supply.  We have to make sure that the package is intact without damage during the transportation, the cargo reached the destination within the promised deadline, the client is getting quality service.


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Top five (5) key factors behind our successful logistic supply


Focusing on order-to-delivery lead time: In logistics supply, the order-to-delivery lead time plays an important role. Our dedicated sales and customer service work closely with high efficiency to serve customers, we are familiar with carriers’ products and can provide tailor-made logistics plans to satisfy customers’ schedule delivery requirements. 

Evaluating and modifying the standard operation procedure: It is noticed most of the time that challenges vary from company to company, order to order. Our professional team will take full consideration when they accept the cargo, in case there is any unexpected issue that happens, they will take action the first time, try their best to coordinate with the carrier, and communicate with the customer to find out the proper solution and minimize the impact. Meanwhile, we have our own system which will reduce human error in the process.


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Transportation for cost efficiency: There could be numerous ways of delivering the logistic supply to the destination, but our principle is always providing a cost-effective solution to the customer. The lowest freight with a longer transit time does not work for a customer who has a deadline on delivery. We need fully understand customer needs before we offer a detailed plan. Not only hit customer transit time target but also save cost for the customer, it helps to build up trustworthy and reliable relationships between customer and Interfreight.


Optimization of warehouse management: The warehouse is another key factor in logistic supply. The smooth running of the warehouse is vital, we have to ensure cargo delivery and dispatch without delay, without damage. While customers deliver the cargo to our warehouse, they can be assured of our proper QC (Quality Control) scheme.


logistic supply


Warehouse Implementation of automated technology to boost efficiency: Most of our warehouse processes are automated, which reduces mismatch and human error. When we receive any logistic supply in our warehouses, it will be highly organized and easily managed.


In Interfreight Logistics we provide services like Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Rail Freight, Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Projects Logistics, E-commerce Logistics, Exhibition Logistics & International Relocation, and Supply Chain Management. Quality is our priority. Visit our website to know more about us. You can contact us for any queries.

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