Message from Management



Thank you for choosing us as your logistics supplier! As always, your contribution and the dedication of our staff team are greatly valued in our success of today. Our massive and strong network enables us to provide you complete international logistical solutions and services. With 20% of the world population and enormous consumption, China has become the largest market in the world for varying businesses. The tremendous demand for import and export trade, which is essential to China’s economy growth, has made logistics business requisite and the opportunity for Interfreight Logistics therefore is phenomenal! Along with the globalization and regional economic development and change, Interfreight Logistics will keep its focus on China and expansion into Southeast Asia to deliver service to worldwide customers. Thanks to the continuous development over the past decades, China has become the world’s manufacture center as well as the largest production and supply base for raw materials, components and parts; Recent years, we have witnessed many industrials, especially those related to basic manufacturing and assembly work, are being shifted to southeast Asia countries because of China’s industrial upgrading programs and demographic trends, thus southeast Asia emerged as a new market place for global sourcing. To adapt ourselves to customer’s dynamic procurement practices and provide a better local service, we set up our regional headquarter in Singapore and branches in southeast Asia countries, which enable us to provide continuous logistics support to the ever-changing global supply chain.

In effort, we are to satisfy our customers with our reliability & efficient services and tailor-made solutions.

For customers . they are requiring different kinds of service and expecting reliable in our team and service as well as efficiency in the day to day handling of their shipments.

We need to meet their demands and exceed their expectation, we always hope that we could make our customer satisfied and let our customer works flow smoothly, let our customer think that it is worth to pay money to get our service. It is double win business. On the other hand, with offering high effective and professional solutions, it is not only the value of money, it brings care & excellence to our customer that over than the meaning of the service.

We always find a healthy & win-win partnership with our customer. All these are helping us to deliver value for money to our customer. In word, we are not just only delivering cargo, we are contributed to delivering care & excellence to our customers’ success in their globalization of their products, and delivering invisible contribution to their visible success, it is double win business.

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