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Our Services


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Shipping and Cargo Services

Whether moving a small shipments or a large consignment across the ocean, our priority is to carry your freight safely, on time and at the right cost.

Supply Chain Management

Each business has its own features and thus demands specific requirements for logistics and supply chain management (SCM), together with the customer, we create and implement solutions that fit the specific needs in different industrial environment.

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Ecommerce Logistics

On the foundation of Interfreight’s global network and hands-on experience in the international logistics, we are able to provide door to door services to almost every ecommerce fulfillment centers worldwide.

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Ready to ship?

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Sales enquiries

Sales enquiries

Contact us and we will respond within the next two working days.

amazon logistics delivery, third party logistics company

Interfreight logistics-the most reliable 3pl services provider

Interfreight Logistics is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and a well –known 3pl services provider offering guaranteed quality logistics services since 2003. With a dedicated logistics team who are well trained and full experienced, our company has established good reputation as the leading 3pl services provider in China and other regions.

Why choose 3pl services

More and more companies are outsourcing their logistics operations to 3PLs for the following reasons:


  • Reduce the cost

In general, 3PLs can reduce costs by at least 10%. This is the main reason why many enterprises choose to outsourcing. With the help of 3PL’s tailor made logistics plan and timely delivery, corporate inventory expenses can be reduced. Not outsourcing means extra labor cost, may face operating restrictions and unnecessary expense.

  • Dedicated to the core business

Modern competition theory holds that enterprises must consolidate and expand their core business in order to gain competitive advantages, which requires enterprises to devote themselves to the development of their core business. As a result, more and more enterprises outsource their non-core businesses to specialized 3PLs.

  • Reduce investment and utilize advanced technologies of 3PLs

The high efficiency of 3PLs logistics operations depends on its advanced facilities and software, with the help of 3PLs can reduce the huge investment of enterprises in this field. A survey showed that 3PLs invested a lot on logistics technology equipment, including software, communications and automated awareness systems.

  • Reintegrate the supply chain

There is a growing trend for companies to outsource the whole process to 3PLs rather than just logistics. 3Pl needs to turn to process management, participate in key processes such as testing, quality assurance, inventory management through logistics management systems, and provide logistics services, so as to reduce investment for suppliers.

  • Expand international business

With the acceleration of global economic integration, many companies without international marketing channels want to enter foreign markets, and international 3PLs can just help these companies to achieve their purpose of expanding their international business.

amazon logistics delivery, third party logistics company

Types of our 3pl services

Over the past years, we keep offering the most reliable 3pl services to our customers. As a globally recognized 3pl services provider, we offer the following in our range of 3pl solution categories.

  • Rail freight: This is the most common 3pl solution, we offer domestic and international rail transportation for all kinds of cargoes.


  • Ocean freight: As an internationally recognized 3PL service provider, we work with a variety of ocean carriers to provide cost effective services to our clients.


  • Air freight: Through close partnerships with major airlines and express, Interfreight can offer youairfreight services at competitive rates and ensure safety.


  • Warehousing: To cater to import and export needs, we offer intelligent, efficient and safe warehousing at the major ports and logistic hubs. We also ensure trans-loading and cross-docking, consolidation and distribution as well as pick and pack, palletizing, sorting, and labeling. 

Why we are the best 3pl solution provider

  • Competitive rates-Interfreight is a professional 3pl services provider with many international partnerships globally, we canoffer competitive rates for our customers.


  • Trustworthy-Interfreight is licensed 3pl solution company, have been approved by international organization like IATA, CATA, FMC which international prevailing guidelines are applicable.


  • Excellent customer servicewith a dedicated customer service team, we provide initiative, passionate, proactive, responsible and reliable services to our customer.


Interfreight logistics is a reliable and trustworthy one-stop service provider. If you are looking for partner of 3pl services provider for your next shipment, please feel free to contact us for details.

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