Risk-Free Customs Clearance and Brokerage Services

customs brokerage services


Interfreight Logistics’ customer-focused customs brokerage services for air freight, ocean freight, and rail freight can help you minimize the risk and improve delivery efficiency.

Customs Brokers play an important role in the global supply chain. Even if a shipment gets to the destination on schedule, improper customs procedures or incomplete document declaration can cause heavy delays, resulting in significant storage surcharge or even customs penalty.

Interfreight Logistics licensed customs brokers are familiar with all the customs regulations and operations for various countries & districts. The customs brokerage services team will be fully responsible for ensuring that all import and export paperwork gets ready before the deadline. The professional declaration will avoid extra surcharge and release the cargo smoothly.

Whether importing or exporting goods, a customs broker is necessary. Interfreight Logistics will make the process much easier. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for trustworthy and reliable customs brokerage services!


customs brokerage services


What Are The Benefits of Using Customs Brokerage Services?

The following are the major factors that are likely to resonate with your needs.


The Ability to Understand The Complexness of A Wide Range of Federal and State

It is difficult for some companies to afford the expertise required to navigate the complexities of cross-border shipping regulations. In this instance, they can employ a customs brokerage services provider to take care of the paperwork for them.


Customs Clearance Skills Are A Need

Using customs brokers, you may rest assured that your shipments will arrive at their final destination without incident. When it comes to customs clearance, they will follow the proper procedure.


Assist in Preventing Wasteful Expenditures

In cross-border transactions, the rules and laws are always changing. Customers can avoid heavy delays, confiscation of merchandise, and other penalties if working with a customs broker who is knowledgeable about the regulations for each type of goods.


Checking The Accuracy of Statements

Keep in mind that all customs declarations prepared on your behalf are legally your responsibility. Be sure to get your customs declarations examined by a certified customs broker to avoid audits, fines, and even consequences for your company if they are incorrect.


customs brokerage services


Ease of Paperwork

Even though customs brokerage services are not a mandatory requirement by law, many companies prefer to engage with one. Why? Because leaving the documentation and communication with relevant agencies to a professional saves time. More significantly, their knowledge can help you avoid costly blunders.


Ensure That The Goods Are Properly Labeled

They are well-versed in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), which is a compendium of tariffs or taxes that are charged on commodities when they enter a nation. To charge a customs duty, each commodity is assigned a unique classification number and then grouped into broad categories and subcategories.


Other Services We Offer

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  • Exhibition Logistics & International Relocation
  • Supply Chain Management
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Rely on Interfreight Logistics for Professional Customs Brokerage Services

Interfreight is a fast-growing company founded on the concept of taking constant care of our customers and partners by embracing the core principle of delivering excellence. As part of our Customs Brokerage team, we are experts in tariff and Customs rules and regulations, including the clearance of imported or exported products and the compilation of import or export paperwork including the calculation and payment of duties, taxes, or other charges – worldwide.

Please feel free to call us at +86-755-8214-7316 or contact us online if you need customs brokerage services. 

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