Asia-Pacific Regional Director’s Message

Asia-Pacific Regional Director's Message

Asia-Pacific Regional Director's Message

In recent years, we have seen a few trends in logistics landscape across Asia Pacific region.
Mergers and acquisitions continue its aggressive pace in response to developing economy of scale, upgrading service through digitisation and diversion of service verticals. Driving force behind M&A will be the ability to offer integrated end to end solutions.
The use of IoT(Internet of Things) in the industry, such as sensors, enabling a much higher degree of transparency and visibility, thus, to reduce reaction time and improve decision making.
The entire logistics industry also sees a wave of “go green” initiatives, which require greater accountability in environment impact from each participant in the supply chain.
With our head office in ShenZhen, China, we have the advantage of direct access to the first hand manufacturing activities and better understanding of the market condition in the world 2nd largest economy, it gives us unparalleled business insight so as to provide efficient logistic solution to our customers. We have been aggressively developing our home market and gaining market share. Our reputation has been well spread through word of mouth by customers.

We also chose Singapore as our first stop to venture into Southeast Asia territory. Singapore’s extensive business, cultural and linguistic connectivity to regional and global markets will complement our vision to be a sustainable logistics provider. It serves us well to be a competitive pricing centre when we discuss and negotiate contract with main line operators who usually have their regional HQ in Singapore.

To better service our customers who expect to see the next wave of production export from Vietnam, Indonesia etc. Southeast Asia countries, we have well prepared to understand the local market and study operation know-how. We always want to partner with our customer to deliver service in an efficient and professional way.

Looking ahead, supply chain visibility will be implemented through the advancement of technology. Price-driven freight will move to digital platform while service-driven business will move to logistics players. Interfreight pledges to continue to render customer-delight service to differentiate ourselves from others. This requires our team to embrace and work in digital economy, enhance service-resiliency, and harness benefit from logistics technology and solution innovation.

In these efforts, Interfreight will stay true to its goal to be most reliable and sustainable logistic supplier. We will continue to draw on regional logistic expertise, collaborate with various stakeholders and service our customers in the world.

We are extremely grateful for 18 years of support and looking forward to working alongside with you for many years to come.

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