Ship Your Goods Globally By Joining Hands With A Reliable Customs Clearance Broker

customs clearance broker, port clearance

A Customs clearance broker makes it easier for your businesses to move and deliver goods across international borders. Brokers help you to complete customs clearance at both origin and destination promptly and smoothly.

How Does A Customs Clearance Broker Work?

Along with helping you with the import, export, and port clearance, a customs clearance broker can also help you with the other aspects of trading, such as

Operational Customs Clearance

Customs clearance brokers offer services that comply with your supply chain, whether import or export goods. Select options for organizing inspections, paying duties and taxes, and preparing and processing declarations. They will also handle your specialized clearances for free trade zones, inward/outward processing, port clearance, and bonded warehousing.

Customs Compliance

To meet strict regulatory requirements, clearance brokers take a meticulous approach. They evaluate your supply chain, conduct audits following importation, and create proactive procedures that avert fines and penalties.


Trade Management

A clearance broker can assist when you wish to lower risks and control costs associated with cross-border transactions. Learn about duty drawbacks, global tariff information, and free trade agreements.


You can entrust a customs clearance broker to help digitize your customs processes. An automated single entry point for all of your local customs clearances is the Single Windows Customs Portal. Thanks to dashboard and reporting tools, you have complete data visibility, allowing you to decide on trade flow strategically.

customs clearance broker, port clearance

Customs Clearance Broker Facilitates International Trade

Each nation functions under a unique set of laws and procedures regarding the movement of products entering or leaving its borders. Around the world, rules and customs regulations governing the import and export of commodities keep changing, sometimes even daily.

To ensure customs clearance is completed smoothly and make shipping goods simple, a customs clearance broker is tasked with being aware of these laws and standards and ensuring that they are adhered to. So that their clients can devote themselves to the development of their core business. Throughout the shipping process, customs brokers on behalf of the cargo owner, act as bridges, speaking with organizations and the government to ensure that all necessary formalities have been followed. Interfreight Logistics is well-versed in these laws and standards, and also follows their changes in real-time.


Join Hands With The Best Customs Clearance Broker

You can rely on Interfreight Logistics to handle your shipment and customs clearance.  We know the particular needs of the automotive, healthcare, high-tech, retail, government, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. We stay on top of the most recent customs programs, like entry reconciliation and remote filing services, keeping your company at the forefront of global trade. You can visit our website to book a consultation or send us an inquiry.

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