Port of Long Beach & New York and New Jersy Important Changes to Free Time Calculations

  • The Port of Long Beach will be adjusting their free time to include Saturday and Sunday (except on legal holidays) when LBCT is open on either of those days, with an effective date of September 1, 2022.





  • The Port of New York and New Jersy will be adjusting their free time to include Saturdays when the terminal is open for receipt and delivery of cargo, with an effective date of September 23, 2022.



NY-NJ terminal alters free time to prod Saturday gate usage
Michael Angell, AssociateEditor∣Aug 17,20224:00PMEDT
The largest marine terminal at the Port of New York and New Jersey will cut weekends and holidays from the period during which an ocean container can linger before it racks up storage charges. The move is one step toward getting supply chain stakeholders to use hours outside of the regular workweek.
Shippers still have the same actual number of days, four, before a container starts accruing demurrage. But the change effectively shortens the time a shipper has to remove their cargo from the port before those fees kick in, while putting more pressure on motor carriers and warehouses to operate for longer hours.
In a tariff published last Friday, Maher Terminals eliminated Saturdays and Sundays from the“free time”period allowed for import containers. Along with no weekend grace period, the new tariff also cut the grace period for non-working holidays outlined in the International Longshoremen’s Association(ILA) contract. The changes go into effect Sept.23. The move also affects refrigerated containers, which will still have two days of free time.


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