Interfreight Will Scale Your Business with Our Warehousing Solutions

Interfreight is not only a third party warehouse service provider, but is redefining logistics with the latest technology for customers. Interfreight combines warehousing with comprehensive services so our clients attain a competitive advantage. We are strategically placed in dominant gateway ports and hubs. As a result, the clients and their businesses can benefit from easy import and export with our warehouse and distribution service.


How does Interfreight assist the clients?

Besides storage, Interfreight is also an expert in other warehousing service. Our professional services include the following:

  1. Storage and inventory management
  2. Cross docking and transloading
  3. Distribution and consolidation
  4. Free Trade Zone and bonded warehouses
  5. Value-added services such as pick and pack, sorting, labeling, re-work, palletizing
  6. Special cargo handling


Third party warehouse


Our warehouses have heavy duty equipment such as cranes and lifters to enable excellent operaton for overweight or oversized cargo. Interfreight will also supervise special containers and cargo. Its primary aim is to minimize inventory expenses while offering value-added services.


Custom Warehouse Solutions

Interfreight distinguishes ourselves from other third party warehouse service providers by delivering what we promise. Our custom bonded warehouse will store imported goods until they are ready for release in the market. The strategy saves clients a lot of money that they would have spent on taxes, duties, and other expenses. When the payments are deferred, the clients can focus on the market and their sales.

We are always dedicated to offer our clients with reliable and hassle-free service so they can shift their focus on running their business. Interfreight ensure compliance with import/export regulations with our seasoned team in the industry.. Rest easy because the shipment is in the right hands.

Other than bonded services, Interfreight also offers general warehouse service or customer tailor-made assistance. Our staff will customize the warehouse according to the industry, niche, and need of the client. You can choose us for project cargo or as long term partnership.


Third party warehouse


Why Choose Interfreight?

International Reach

Interfreight service is globally available for our clients with extended agent network in major ports and hubs around the world. Interfreight ensures seamless transportation of goods with a resilient supply chain.


Market and clients needs are growing and changing rapidly in the market. Therefore,. Interfreight wish to  upgrade our service to. evolve with our clients who are looking for integrated warehousing needs.

Efficient Services

Interfreight offers the most efficient and accurate third party warehouse servicesBecause of our streamlined operations and the cutting-edge technology. Your cargo will be handled with care and precision.


Contact Interfreight today

Interfreight is more than a logistics company. We aim to be a strategic stakeholder in all matters related to supply chain of our clients to offer the right solutions for your shipping needs.

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