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The importance of choosing a professional logistics partner, the right logistics partner will handle customs clearance and manage Canadian duty rates for you.


Canada is the ideal location for start-ups and enterprises growing into new nations due to its international trade agreements, investor protection, low levels of corruption, and minimum red tape. It can be challenging to determine the exact category and applicable taxes and fees for your items, so it would be wise to consult with a knowledgeable customs broker regarding Canadian customs duty rates.

Despite the close trade ties between the United States and Canada, import taxes and Canadian customs duty rates apply to goods made between the two nations since they are seen as business transactions. This implies that you must pay federal and local sales taxes on any imported goods into Canada. The Canada Customs Act limits customs duty rates, and the Canada Border Services Agency enforces those limits.

canadian customs duty rates

Get Help From Clearance Broker With Canadian Customs Duty And Taxes

No duty is due if your products are labeled “produced in the United States, Canada, or Mexico” and come with a North American Free Trade Agreement certificate. However, most imported items are subject to provincial sales taxes, the federal goods and services tax (GST), and the harmonized sales tax (HST) in some provinces and territories. And this is where you need the broker clearance service to help you with general & duty tax.

Goods & Service Tax
The GST, often known as the goods and services tax, is one tax importers into Canada are obligated to pay. Almost everything sold in Canada is subject to a five percent government sales tax. A select few of these products and services are “zero-rated” and exempt from the GST, such as milk, bread, and vegetables, as well as prescription medications and medical devices like dental implants.

Harmonized Tax
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario “harmonize” their provincial sales taxes with the federal sales tax, even though most Canadian provinces levy their own Canadian customs duty rates. The relevant local tax is added to the federal GST of 5% to create the “harmonized tax.” Local sales taxes are set by each province individually and might range from 5% (as in Saskatchewan) to 9.975%. (example, Quebec).


canadian customs duty rates


Let’s see how customs brokers can help you with general sales and harmonized taxes to help your business grow.


What Is Broker Clearance?
A broker is an exchange member who serves as a mediator between an investor and a clearing business. By broker clearance, we mean the person who contributes to the successful completion of the transaction and proper settlement of the trade. Keeping up with the paperwork needed for clearing and executing a transaction is under the purview of clearing brokers.

How Does Broker Clearance Work?
The vast knowledge of clearing brokers, the system’s backbone, ensures the market’s dependability and effectiveness. They must also oversee the transaction’s financial assets and research to verify the facts they are given.

In addition to managing orders to purchase and sell securities, broker clearance also keeps custody of the guards and other assets of account holders (such as cash in the account). Carrying firms, who have control of customer assets, are in charge of separating the customer cash and securities in their possession and maintaining higher net capital requirements than introducing firms.

What Can A Clearance Broker Do For Your Business?

Suppose you are one of those vendors who wish to export your goods to Canada or want to import a few things from there. But you need to be better aware of Canadian customs duty rates; let Interfreight Logistics broker clearance service help you expand your business. We offer state-of-the-art brokers with all the latest customs information and duty rates to allow you to export your goods without any inconvenience. You can also contact us or book a consultation via our website

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