Embark afresh with Heart, Endeavor ahead with Care


Over the course of 20 years, through both successes and challenges, Interfreight has forged ahead and grown to a reliable and sustainable logistics service provider. It is incredible to look back all those we have achieved.

Accomplishment & Appreciation:

We are grateful to have witnessed the rapid economic growth of China at unprecedented speed and scale over the past 30 years, who has become the world’s factory, the second largest economy, and an indispensable part of the global economy. The constant progress and innovation of the world has pushed us forward and we are thankful for the opportunities this era has given us.


Despite a number of obstacles and setbacks in the past decades, Interfreight has been persevering through challenges with a diversified and international development strategy and striving to stay ahead and evolve with the times owing to our healthy development principles, strong sense of social responsibility, the hard work and dedication of our entire team and the trust of our partners and customers.


Starting from a small office in Shenzhen, China rented from a friend, to establishment of our own branches in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, although the process was not easy and full of tears and sweat, we have also gained growth of ourselves and trust of the customers. Hereby, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude once again to the entire Interfreight team and their families who are supporting me with their tolerance, understanding and care along the way.

Opportunities amid Uncertainty:

As we look ahead to the year of 2024, we recognize that the global economy is becoming increasingly uncertain, resulted in by slowing down global economic growth, trade frictions, manufacturing transfer and geopolitical conflicts. However, we believe that we could seize the opportunities lying behind challenges through short-term strategic deployment and long-term planning to base in China, expand in Southeast Asia, and serve the world. Apart from keeping a global perspective, we also need to recognize the characteristics and challenges of the complex and unknown world so as to well equip ourselves with the capability of embracing the challenges, transforming the “unknown” into “opportunities” to benefit from the unknown ultimately.

Build Internal Capabilities:

In response to the ever-changing market, Interfreight will constantly focus on our customers, employees, products and services, and will continuously optimize and integrate global supply chain channels with cost efficiency by investing in building our internal capabilities.

  1. Focus on Customer: Create Value for Customers

Truly understand customers’ needs, provide service and solution for their pain points and deliver loving care through our close communication.

  1. Focus on Employee: Be Happy Proactively and Altruistically with Care and Thoughtfulness

In uncertain circumstances, both individual and organization should develop themselves from an altruistic perspective. Proactively maintaining happiness is our own responsibility, which will improve the overall organization for better employee experience and encourage more positive living and working when facing the unknown future.

  1. Focus on Product and Service: Professional and Caring

By integrating worldwide channels, we can enhance product competitiveness and soft service offerings while providing clients with professional solutions and attentive services.

  1. Return to Fundamentals: Business Basic Elements

The basic elements of business operations are comprised of customer value, cost, scale, and profitability. We shall persist in resource allocation to customers and adding value for customers rather than being consumed within the company process ineffectively.


In the times of uncertainty, Interfreight team is ready and thrilled to take on new challenges and achieve new successes by focusing on our customers, employees, products and services, and returning to business fundamentals while we base ourselves in China, expand our presence in Southeast Asia region, and serve international customers worldwide.


Be grateful for the past and embrace the future. In the new chapter, we’ll continue the journey with your trust towards the best-in-class logistics service provider. Let us embark afresh with heart, endeavor ahead with care!

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